Thursday, August 12, 2004


Out of Cigarettes Again!

I'm just sitting here wanting a cigarette so badly! The last time I bought a couple of packs they were inching to the $4 per pack - actually with the tax a pack cost me $4.01!

I smoke Kools but I'm curious to see what brands others smoke and how much it costs for a pack!

dude, chill out. Here in New York City they're about $6.50 a pack. I watch my friends shell that out each time. It kills me. I travel a lot so I usually bring them back duty free cigs. On my last trip to Puerto Rico I found a carton of 10 for $17.00. $1.70 a pack is not that bad. I suggest to find someone who's going away. Anywhere really, they could give you a helping hand as I have helped many of my friends.

If only that was possible! Heck I'd even go down to Mexico myself!

Thanks for the "heads up" about NY. I thought they just cost the same everywhere!

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